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Wellness Anywhere ignites personal encounters with the wisdom and the pleasure of living, through Transformational Experiences.

We help people expand and redefine their life stories by reinterpreting and experiencing ancient and modern ideas of wellness, wholeness, life purpose, connection and growth.

We don’t engage in travel solely for the sake of travel. We travel so that we can remember what is truly important to us. We believe the combination of movement, introspective, and holistic healing practices can help to awaken us to the very purpose of our lives and allow us to see meaning in our existence.

Discover Unlimited Growth through Beauty, Wisdom and Joy

We want to provide experiences that will shift our direction in life, allow us to acquire new beliefs, and help us rediscover what is genuinely important.

Wellness Anywhere

Wellness Anywhere

Wellness Anywhere

Wellness Anywhere

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Only Spanish Speakers. Mayo 5 al 13 de 2023. Registrate en nuestro próximo encuentro que realizaremos en Lisboa, unos de los mejores paises para realizar un viaje de empoderamiento a expandir y redefinir nuestras historias de vida. “Sin Miedo a Encontrarme”, un programa diseñado para mujeres de habla hispana. Inscripciones abiertas hasta 15 Marzo de 2023, cupos limitados!


Open program throughout the year. Colombia is our premium destination for wellness and transformative travel. The country has a rich culture, diverse landscapes and a welcoming population, which can provide a range of experiences for travelers. Amazing experiences are waiting for you in Colombia. Limited attendance available, registration confirmation required.

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